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Services and Benefits
Our Neighborhood

Keeps Entrances and Common Areas Inviting 

  • Watering and LED lighting at the Midway road entrance

  • Fountain maintenance

  • Landscaping of the Rodale entrance

  • Assistance program for common area repairs

Promotes Neighborhood Safety

  • With Dallas Police Department

  • With Residents

  • Crime Watch Program

Provides Community Connection and Other Benefits

  • Neighborhood social events

  • Regular resident updates

  • New resident welcome baskets

  • Private Facebook group page

  • Website

  • Yard of the month program awards


Presents a United Voice to Dallas City to Address Issues


Membership Annual Dues $125

  • To BECOME an MMVHOA member, please complete the form below and choose a payment option.

  • To UPDATE your information only, complete the form below and select "update information only" in the pay option drop down box.

  • To RENEW your existing membership (if you have been a resident and joined in the past)

    • Log on to PayHOA site and pay electronically (forgot password)

    • OR Mail check payable to MMVHOA | PO Box 700621 | Dallas, TX 75370-0621

Resident 1
Resident 2
Dallas, TX 75287

Annual Dues of $125 may be paid

  • ONLINE via PayHOA secure system with a credit card or bank charge.

    • You will receive an email in 24 to 48 hours once your account has been set up with an invoice and link to pay.

  • BY CHECK - Please  make payable to MMVHOA and mail to

                   MMVHOA, PO Box 700621, Dallas, TX 75370-0621

Please select your option for payment and submit form

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