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PO Box 700621

Dallas, TX 75370-0621

  • Annual Dues $125

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Dallas, TX 75287

Annual Dues of $125 may be paid

  • ONLINE via PayHOA secure system with a credit card or bank charge.

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  • BY CHECK - Please make payable to MMVHOA and mail to:

MMVHOA, PO Box 700621, Dallas, TX 75370-0621


What services does Midway Meadows Voluntary HOA provide?

  • Care and Maintenance of Common Areas

  • Active Crime Watch Program

  • Midway Meadows Assistance Program (Grant for Repairs)

  • LED Lighting at the Midway Road Entrance

  • Landscaping of the Rodale entrance

  • Seasonal Floral / Landscaping Updates

  • Neighborhood Party

  • Yard of the Month Program

  • Ad-Hoc Services to Benefit Community

If you would like to connect with your neighborhood, and have not joined or renewed, please take a moment to pay your annual dues of $125.