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Midway Meadows Volunteer Homeowners Association (MMVHOA) 

Yard of the Month (YOM) Program



The purpose of the program is to recognize Midway Meadows neighbors who demonstrate above average efforts in maintaining their property, thereby contributing to the overall appearance of the community at large. This is an award program administered entirely by volunteers and is available only to current members of MMVHOA.


All award winners receive:

  • Recognition lawn signs to be placed on their property for the duration of their award month

    • Midway Meadows VHOA Yard of the Month

    • Calloway’s Nursery 

  • A $25 gift card (paid for by the MMVHOA)

  • $25 credit applied to Calloway’s Blooming Rewards account (winner automatically enrolled)

  • Member needs to enroll in loyalty garden club with Calloway’s to receive credit

  • Congratulations letter from YOM Chair

  • A photograph and a description of lawn showcased on MMVHOA web site and newsletter.




Award winners are selected by the Yard of the Month Committee based on the recommended judging criteria which you will find listed below.

  • All current members of the MMVHOA properties are eligible to be selected. Recipients must reside in Midway Meadows and must be current with their MMVHOA annual dues.

  • Yard of the Month is awarded to a different street each month.The rotation of streets is designed so that each street is awarded on a different month.

  • A homeowner awarded Yard of the Month is removed from consideration for the next three judgings of their street, before being eligible again.

  • The upkeep of the yard can reflect the efforts of the residents themselves or that of a professional landscaper or groundskeeper.

  • An award duration term lasts a single calendar month and runs from the first day of the month to the last day of that same month.

  • Recipients receiving awards shall surrender their award signs at the end of that month.

  • While a member’s home is being recognized as a YOM, they are expected to maintain their yard in the same manner that allowed them to win the title.



  • Members of the YOM committee are the judges Each judge nominates three MMVHOA member yards.

  • The member yard with the most nominations wins.

  • In case of a tie, the Chair shall cast deciding vote

  • Judges do not vote when their own street is being judged

  • Favoritism for friends/neighbors is not permitted



YOM candidates are judged solely on the total exterior appearance of their property and front yard as viewed from the street. General upkeep of the yard and property is paramount.  Factors include the overall appearance, tidiness and neatness of the front of the property as evidenced by pruned, trimmed and shaped foliage, edged and defined lawns, borders & flower beds, and a visually appealing facade.

While lack of strict adherence to the four criteria below does not necessarily result in a disqualification, these principles offer general guidelines that will be used by the judging committee and should be recognized by the eligible homes.  If you have any questions regarding the judging or YOM program, please contact the YOM Committee Chair.


  • Healthy grass with no bare spots or excessive weeds.

  • Grass shall be mowed and edged, and grass around foundations/fences trimmed.

  • Debris (garbage, pet feces, etc.) shall be picked up and removed.

  • A unified, simple and balanced landscape design. Neat and natural.



  • Beds weeded and edged. Flowers deadheaded and dead plants removed.

  • Trees and shrubs pruned. Natural areas cleaned. Beautification efforts such as new flowers, new trees, new shrubs, etc. Plantings in scale with the surroundings and limited to a few different types of plants rather than too many which may confuse the eye.  



  • Walkways and driveways shall be clean (including trash containers or yard products removed from view).

  • Area in front of curb free from debris and dirt. Evening appearance after dusk including accent lighting, safety lighting, visible interior lighting, etc.



The overall look of landscaping (formal versus informal, use of color and textures, garden art) will be considered, along with an inviting look of front entryway (hanging baskets, pots, cleanliness etc.) and originality/creativity (any special touches of the owner i.e., yard art, bird feeders, etc.).

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