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A Message from the President

Hello Midway Meadows Neighbors…

In case we haven’t met my name is Reggie Hall Hall and I was elected President of the Midway Meadows Voluntary Homeowners Association (MMVHOA) earlier this month. Being relatively new to the neighborhood, I thought it would be appropriate and constructive to reach out in writing to briefly introduce myself and provide some information about my goals for MMVHOA.

My wife Karen and I have lived in the Metroplex since 1995, having moved here from Los Angeles. We lived in Keller for over 20 years while raising our three children and now that we are “virtually” empty nesters, we decided a move to Dallas fit our lifestyle. Karen is a realtor with Coldwell Banker, and I run a small consulting firm from home, so this was a perfect place for us to land; close to the things we enjoy, but still a quiet and “private” corner of the Metroplex.

Like many of you, we love the pace of this community and enjoy and respect the privacy that this neighborhood affords us. But whether you are an intensely private person, or a social butterfly, there are several things that bind our community together and should be a force for our collaboration and partnership in the MMVHOA.

Sustain and Increase Property Value

For most of us, our homes will be the largest single financial investment we will make. Even if you don’t intend to sell in the near future, (or ever), protecting home values should be top of mind. But if our homes are to continue to appreciate, sales prices in the neighborhood must continue to increase.

Historically, homes in neighborhoods that are well maintained and visually appealing command a higher price. The fountain and lighting at the front entrance is a perfect example of aesthetics that appeal to prospective home buyers. In addition, incentives like Yard of the Month encourage curb appeal that can influence offer price and appraisals!

Safety and Security

Nothing is more sacred to all of us than the safety and security of our community and protecting our families. While there are clearly steps we can (and do) take every day to ensure our individual homes are protected, the Homeowners Association can and should be a catalyst for a collective commitment to the safety of the neighborhood. Our neighborhood crime watch combined with a strong relationship with the police can be vital tools in making all of us safer.

Unified Voice with the City

Strong, organized groups tend to be heard more loudly than individual voices. Any opportunity we have to jointly present ideas and concerns to the city, particularly if we can leverage our Association to partner with other area Associations, improves our chances to influence public policy.

Foster Interaction Between Neighbors

Even if you consider yourself an intensely private person, knowing your neighbors can be a very powerful tool to deterring crime. With all of us keeping an eye out for one another we can have meaningful impact on the security of our community. (Our yearly neighborhood get-togethers allow us to meet and learn more about each other.)

As Karen and I considered the value of joining the Homeowners Association two years ago when we moved here, we looked at the things that drew us to the neighborhood. We loved the home and the location to be sure, but it was the atmosphere of the community, the look of the entrance, the well-maintained common grounds that really drew us in.

Those were things directly related to the efforts expended by the volunteers and members of the Homeowners Association. For us, we saw an immediate purpose for the Homeowners Association to exist and strong reasons for us to join.

As President, my commitment to you is to always consider the cornerstones of what I believe our purpose to be. All decisions, whether policy or financial should be viewed through the lens of how values are

enhanced or protected, the safety of our community, increasing our voice and strength of community.

We need your help to make this organization and our neighborhood stronger. We need more volunteers and more members to embrace our goals and share the work. Please contact your neighbors and help them understand why they should be with us and how together we can be stronger.

And if you have some time to serve as a street rep or chairperson of a committee, please contact me to discuss.

I know that many of you have ideas on things we should be considering as we work to strengthen our community and the VHOA. Some of those have already been shared with me and I appreciate that input. But if you have thoughts on ways to enhance the value of membership please don’t hesitate to email or call me.

If you haven’t done so already, you can join or renew online at The dues are just $125 per year and we need all of you! (Follow us on Twitter @MidwayVHOA.)


Reggie Hall



214 673 7825

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